TinEye updates
Tineye History Feature

If you are a TinEye fan and have registered to use TinEye (registration is free and comes with benefits – so what are you waiting for?) you have likely noticed the History feature. This feature keeps track of all the previous searches you complete on TinEye. Pretty handy if you are searching for specific images or need to search for the same image more than once. The TinEye History feature is meant to help with that.

We realized that we never mentioned the fact that the TinEye History feature will only keep track of the searches you have completed in the past 365 days. Any searches performed over 365 days are of course not available. So keep that in mind.

And as always, any searches performed while not registered are not stored. Let us know how you are using the TinEye History feature and if there is anything else you would like to see done with the feature. Of course keeping track of searches performed over 365 days is probably something fans would like but what else?

Always happy to hear your feedback, either on the blog or via email at hi(at)tineye.com

Happy searching!


Thanks for the clarification. I just saw today the 365 day limit and I was going to ask in the forum.

Maybe I would like to have no limit, but I understand the limit and it’s good to know it exists.

Javier February 20, 2012 at 5:44 pm