TinEye updates
TinEye Updates

It has been a busy week at the TinEye HQ: have you seen our latest release? The TinEye Imagemaps! Go ahead and get your images index, we are currently giving priority to large stock photography and creative commons archives but we appreciate your feedback, so give it a try. We added 12 million images to the TinEye index today and also updated the TinEye Android release. This TinEye Android release 1.2 includes a bug fix for the Samsung Galaxy S. Happy Friday TinEye fans!


Can you please provide the bookmarklet JavaScript source code for iPhone. I want to add tineye bookmarklet to my phone without syncing to iTunes first. I’ve succeeded in adding several others directly to my phone and would like to include tineye.

Thank you
Sherri Simmons

Sherri Simmons October 29, 2011 at 5:28 am