AuthorLeila Boujnane

Toronto GirlGeek: the algorithms edition!

I am really excited to be speaking at the next Toronto Girl Geek evening. I remember attending one of the first Girl Geek dinners in London in 2005. It was organized by Sarah Blow, the founder of Girl Geeks. That evening was pretty much magical: I met Robert Scobble and Maryam Scobble. I also met Hugh MacLeod, Ben Metcalfe, Henriette Weber Andersen and a lot of awesome attendees whose names I can...

Rock on RHoK Toronto

We are super fond of hackathons in the TinEye HQ so when we heard about Random Hacks of Kindness Toronto was gearing up for its bi-annual event in June, we decided to land a hand as a sponsor. TinEye will be hosting RHoK Toronto for the opening night and we are excited to welcome you all in our TinEye HQ.

TinEye Index

Don’t want to distract you all by an angry baby, but that’s exactly what I am going to do after I tell you that we have added over 15 million images to the TinEye index bringing our index to:  2,155,840,279. Sit back, relax and click play. Enjoy! Want more, drop by!

Preview: the spanking new TinEye APIs

I am sure you have noticed that we have been quiet on the TinEye front for a few months now. That’s because we have been busy building our TinEye APIs and also “dog fooding” our APIs. Oh I see you are not familiar with one of our favourite expressions? Eating your own dog food? Well, we have been eating our own dog food. By that we mean using our own APIs to build internal...

TinEye Index Update

TinEye fans: we have added over 18 million images to the TinEye index. Happy searching. And don’t forget that if you manage a large image collection, you can create and submit a TinEye Image Map for TinEye to crawl your image collection!

Photography lovers unite!

At the TinEye HQ we love Photoshelter’s CEO photography rant, we love it so much that we want everyone to read it, share it, print it on a giant poster and display it on Time Square. Seriously. Best photo rant ever! Don’t we all love photography? The answer is no. There is a percentage of photographers who hate photography. They do not appreciate photography. They do not consume photography...