Have image, will TinEye

Glen, an art director and and graphic designer, sent us this cool search and said “this image shows the various steps and elements used in a tutorial.” What a great search.

TinEye is a handy tool that can help you to learn more about how an image was created, whether it was photoshopped and perhaps even locate some additional background information on the image. Your results will depend on what information others have posted online along with the specific image you are searching for.

In this case TinEye located Craig Henry’s 2006 tutorial on how to create this ‘alien invasion’ image. And what’s neat is that each of the steps in the tutorial has a slightly different version of the image and TinEye located each one, 14 in total.

Would you have guessed that the space ship in this image was actually made by combining parts of images from the front of a corvette and a canon camera lens? Craig’s a pretty creative guy! And now that I know who shot and edited this image I can also post it with proper attribution.

What if you have an image but don’t know anything about it? Try TinEye.

** Image: Craig Henry