An instance where reverse image search would be helpful

Mobile Image Recognition TinEye

It is always “nice” to be reminded of how our TinEye fans feel when they spot one of their images used without credit. But what’s even more “fun”, is to see your own image featured in an article about image recognition with hardly a mention of one of the most integrated image recognition APIs in the world.

Oh PSFK, I hope your image recognition research paper is a little bit more researched than the image used to illustrate your post.MobileImageRecognition

And forgetting TinEye in your research? A little less forgivable than borrowing our image.

I know what they say: imitation is the highest form of flattery, but what happened to research skills and attribution? We know our image appears as the first result of a Google Image search, but still!

tineye, google screenshot

Our office hand model is thrilled to get such wonderful exposure!