Using the TinEye API without writing any code

You can use the TinEye API to perform high-volume reverse image searches manually in your browser, or automatically by integrating with your own application. This blog post will show you how you can quickly and easily get started manually searching using the TinEye API, without writing any code.

Introducing auto top-up for the TinEye API

TinEye API auto-top-up feature

You can now choose to auto top-up your account when you are running low on searches! The TinEye API is licensed via pre-paid search bundles. Our clients can purchase a search bundle of any size for their integration. This flexible pricing allows our clients to buy searches as and when they need them. The drawback to this flexibility is the need to manually buy more searches when their account is...

Announcing the TinEye extension for Edge

Microsoft Edge logo

One of the easiest and most popular ways to use TinEye to search the web is with our official browser extensions. Just right-click on an image in your browser, click “Search Image on TinEye”, and see your results. Now, Microsoft Edge users can join Firefox, Chrome and Opera users with the new TinEye extension for Edge!

Search TinEye with copy and paste

Search for an image by pasting it on the TinEye search page

At TinEye, image searching is our passion, and one of our goals is to make it quick and easy for you to search the web for your images. To help with this, we have multiple ways to search an image on you can give the address for an image on the web, upload an image file or even drag and drop an image file onto the TinEye homepage. We also offer browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome...

Launching our interactive image recognition API documentation

WineEngine API documentation

In addition to our reverse image search engine TinEye (which is free to use by the way!), we also license our image-recognition solutions in the form APIs that you can integrate into your products and services. When you use one of our APIs, we want you to get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. To help with that, we’ve launched all new API documentation. The updated...

The Future of the TinEye Safari Extension

TinEye Browser Extensions

In the latest version of Safari Apple has discontinued support for extensions in favor of a new extension format. If you currently use the Safari extension you will see the following message when you first open your browser after updating to Safari version 13: Apple’s new format no longer allows standalone extensions. Instead, you must first download an App and the App can install the...

Celebrating Earth Day!

I was at home working, staring at my laptop screen during the Easter holiday when I saw that outdoor company The North Face had launched a global petition to make Earth Day (April 22) an officially recognized holiday. Earth Day has been celebrated unofficially since the 1970s in North America. Earth Day was created by Gaylor Nelson, governor of Wisconsin (1958-1962) and U.S. Senator (1963-1981)...

Introducing profile pages for all TinEye APIs

TinEye Analytics

You asked and we listened! We’re excited to launch our client profile pages and analytics for all our TinEye APIs. You can use the API analytics page to check: your search usage: this is the total number of searches you have completed using the API and your image collection size: which is the total number of images you uploaded via the API. You’ll also find a summary there of your charges and...

The highest form of flattery is… plagiarism?

Pic Query

We recently came across an exciting new website called PicQuery. It has a really awesome and clean design, but it seems familiar—because it has everything that TinEye has! TinEye colours, TinEye copy, exact copy-and-pasted HTML from the TinEye website, and even TinEye’s terms of service! Any decent high school student plagiarizing their homework will tell you there are TWO key steps to faking an...