MulticolorEngine: color search with tags

TinEye color search fans rejoice! One of the most requested feature for our TinEye color search lab is the ability to not only search by color but also refine searches by using tags. And that’s what you are going to be able to do as of now: our new color search lab incorporates tags. You can now search 20 million creative commons images using both colors and tags.

You can either start your search by color or a tag. Just remember that you can:
  • search for images containing up to five different colors
  • adjust the percentage of colors you’d like to search for (you can for example, search for images that contain 20% red and 80% white)
  • pick an exact color to search for by entering a hexadecimal code
But say, that you have now mastered the art of color searching and would like to find images of flowers which contain both yellow and green? Done!
 Green and yellow flower, Tineye image search, MulticolorEngine
Get your lab coat on and experiment by trying various color combinations for your searches.
search by color, Tineye image search, MulticolorEngine
Click on the image in the grid to enlarge it. You can click on the title and that will take you to the source, on Flickr.
flickr, TinEye color search
How about some more interesting searches?
graffitti, Tineye image search, MulticolorEngine
puppies, Tineye image search, MulticolorEngine
Happy searching! This lab will likely become your new addiction!