TinEye API: Introducing new pricing for commercial reverse image search.

Great news for our TinEye API clients: we have recently rolled out lower pricing! We have been busy improving our infrastructure for large scale searching (more about that in another blog post) and we are happy to introduce our new TinEye API pricing.

Out with the old, and in with the new.

Previously, we offered two prepaid bundles:

  1. 5,000 searches for USD$300 ($0.06/search)
  2. 30,000 searches for USD$1,500 ($0.05/search)

The new pricing structure offers our clients more flexible search bundles to meet their budget and image search needs.

  1. 5,000 searches for USD$200 ($0.04/search)
  2. 10,000 searches for USD$300 ($0.03/search)
  3. 50,000 searches for USD$1,000 ($0.02/search)
  4. 1,000,000 searches for USD$10,000 ($0.01/search)

We introduced a large search bundle (1 million searches) which brings search fees to as little as $0.01 per search!


Happy searching!