TinEye offers students a new way to search!


We love the idea that TinEye could make learning and education a little bit easier!

That’s why we were so pleased to read Linda Braun’s post on teenagers and the world of search.

“It’s important for librarians serving teens to recognize the search tools that are preferred by the age group.

Searchme and TinEye are particularly good for those teens who are visual and who might be more successful with searching and results that are displayed in an image-based form. ”


It is exciting to have educators, librarians and library associations joining our growing community and we really hope to hear more about how you are using TinEye with your students and your community.

We were also happy to hear that Linda thinks “…searching TinEye gives you a sense of where search is headed.” We agree wholeheartedly!

Know a librarian or teacher who might be interested in TinEye? Send them our way!