Being BOSSed around

Last month Yahoo! Search BOSS launched and since then there have been plenty of folks taking advantage of the BOSS APIs & services to product some very interesting search products. The team at Yahoo! say:

By providing deep access to Yahoo! Search’s investment in engineering, sciences and core search infrastructure and removing key usage restrictions, we are encouraging a whole new level of innovation in search experiences. We are very excited to see the diversity in products that many of you have already created.

I came across a few apps today that you might also enjoy, is a lot of fun and I was quite impressed with their results (have a look). Vik Singh’s BOSSy Q&A is also pretty snazzy and quite amusing too, and oh yes, made with just 50 lines of code. Singh’s insider’s view on BOSS is an interesting read as well.

Yahoo! recently listed some of the most exciting apps that have been built on the BOSS search platform, here are a few of their picks below.

NewsLine — As part of the Daylife Developer Challenge, the folks from Dipity built a mashup using their timeline API, Daylife’s news API and the BOSS API. The result is a really interesting way to visualize news for any topic. Congrats to the Dipity team on winning the BOSS mashup prize!

TianamoTianamo is a 3D search visualization early prototype built by Lachlan James. It maps the relationships between the search results from the BOSS API and displays them visually. To check it out, you’ll need to be running Windows with Java 1.6+.

PlayerSearchTed Kasten and team are building a sports search engine that pulls in content from a host of sources, including BOSS. Fantasy sports fanatics, check it out here.

You can check out more BOSS mashups here.