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Soon you too will be able to search for images without a keyboard. From your brain to the screen and badaboom results! Why did we not think about Psychic Search – from the good folks at Alamy. And here we are slaving away at improving image recognition!
Psychic Search

Copyright Reform: yes, let’s go!

I am looking forward to seeing some of the copyright reform recommendations rolled out soon. If like me, you have tried to use the search functions to find copyright information for a photograph or any works, you know what I mean. You  – like most of the Copyright Office users probably still have forehead bruises resulting from your head hitting a nearby concrete wall (or handy hard...

TinEye Image Analytics

At the TinEye headquarters we are constantly thinking about image search features for our reverse image search engine and of course how to make TinEye the best reverse image search engine in the world. We like building useful software for our fans. So listening to you all sending in feature requests, ideas, suggestions etc. one feature constantly makes it to the top of the request list (after a...

The TinEye Chrome extension is here!

You asked for it, and we are happy to deliver. The TinEye extension for Chrome is now live, and ready to make your searching a little easier. Instructions for installing the extension can be found on our browser extensions page, or you can just jump right over to the Chrome Extensions site and click ‘Install’. It’s that easy! While you’re there, be sure to check out our...

TinEye on CNN

TinEye, our reverse image search engine, ended up on CNN with Kyra Phillips. Lucky TinEye!
During this segment, CNN’s Kyra Phillips talks to virtual safety expert Christine Durst about protecting your family photos online. Have a listen:

Surprising what TinEye can unearth, like say an older photograph of Kyra Phillips being used on a Latin American online clinic website!

Wikimedia Commons & TinEye

Since the launch of TinEye, we have had a great response from the Wikimedia Commons image community. Wikimedia Commons is a repository of free-content files, including images, that are either in the public domain or released under free licenses. These images are used in many of the Wikimedia Foundation’s projects, including Wikipedia. Anyone can contribute to Wikimedia Commons, and the...

Expanding our TinEye index

Young TinEye is experiencing a growth spurt as of late, and he doesn’t show any signs of stopping. He must be eating his Wheaties. We have been working away on our crawling approaches and our efforts are finally bearing fruit. For the past several weeks the TinEye image index has grown by roughly 2-3 million images per week using a series of new crawling approaches. This is a good...