Imitation is the highest form of flattery?

oh @99designs you are so funny! One of our TinEye fans mentioned that a design being considered for a 99Designs contest used our TinEye mascot, and dropping by the 99Designs contest page here is what we see:

and a little enlargement reveals the following:

Now: does that little robot look familiar to you? Reminds me of… let me guess… the TinEye Robot!

We are really excited that this @99designs designer was so inspired by our TinEye robot: I mean our robot is awesome and we get that but for @99designs not to remove the design from the contest? That’s just insane. Here is the @99designs response we received once the design was reported:

Really? Really?


The infringing design has now been taken down by @99designs.


  • Maybe 99designs should do the internet a favour and just remove their whole website. As if this isn’t a perfect example of why spec work sucks: fostering lazy, deceptive “designers” who blatantly steal.

  • Although I bet they could get away with it in court (but, heck, I’m no lawyer), I agree it was copycat-inspired. And I visited their website ( only to see their own logo’s subtitle is “Design Done Differently.” Now THAT’s hilarious!

  • You’d think that the guy would be smart enough not to copy a website whose design is mainly for tracking down similar images!

  • Funnily enough I was posting a link to your website on my cartoonit forum as we have been discussung image theft. I came across this timely blog post as a result! Unbelievable they’d think to steal an image from an image stealing detection site! Oh the irony. :) Well spotted and actioned!!

    Myself and my forum members Do NOT support copying or image theft.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Let them use it, but require an asterisk saying, for example, “mascot of TinEye Reverse Image Search”. Gain traffic. :)

  • this is hilarious… its literally like going up to a police officer like: “I just stole your car. Please don’t arrest me…” haha nut cases