Photography as theater

We love hearing from our TinEye fans because that’swhat keeps us going every day and that’s how we discover awesome photography. For example: the work of Roberto Kusterle. Here is Sophie’s story:

I had adored this following image for ages, and had no idea of the source.
All I knew, was that it was surreal photography and possibly one of my favorite images ever, but I did not know anything else about it…Until I searched for it in TinEye!

I then found a copy of this image with a name in foreign letters.  I search this in google, and found a few stunningly beautiful images that lead me to find the artist’s name in a readable form to me: Roberto Kusterle. I found his site and am enamored with every photograph he has ever created.
Endless thanks to TinEye!

Thank you Sophie for sharing your story with us. We are now insane about Roberto Kusterle’s work! Have you seen his angel (I want wings, why can’t we all have wings?) and Il Bambino e il suo bosco?