TinEye API

We are excited to officially launch our TinEye Commercial API.

Since we launched TinEye, your most requested feature has been an API. For the non developer community: an API is an ‘application programming interface‘. It is a tool that allows you to access and interface with an existing web-based service, and enables you to develop programs that interact with this service. Our API allows you to develop programs that utilize the TinEye search engine.

We have seen great interest for the TinEye API from the user-generated and photography communities, developers, our clients and TinEye users. The API can be used in so many ways:

  • Websites with user-generated content can check all incoming images against the TinEye index
  • Content owners can queue up image batches to be searched automatically or at regular intervals
  • Mobile applications can search incoming photos to identify content
  • And lots of other solutions from copyright compliance to profile verification to brand monitoring!

Just remember: The TinEye API allows you to interact with TinEye the same way you are currently doing it via the web. You send TinEye a search request via the API and it provides you with a list of results. Our new API website provides complete documentation for everything you need to know about implementing the API. It provides pricing and allows you to make purchases online. There is an FAQ and a brand new TinEye forum for questions.

A few words about what the API is not: It is not installable software. It does not have a user interface. It will not do anything on its own, automatically. It will not make you breakfast (even though it would really like to, trust us). A knowledge of programming is required to implement the API. If you are not technical, maybe bake a batch of bribe-cookies for your programmer friends or co-workers?

Get started with the TinEye API today!