TinEye and the data lady (a romantic search adventure)

Stéphane Lee pointed me yesterday to the Data Lady. This lady is going to be added to my Everywhere Girl fascination! The Data Lady is a stock photograph of a lady that is being used in a lot of data center websites, collocation websites, large database company websites and of course web hosting sites… you get the picture. Stephane used TinEye to find where else she is appearing and of course there were a couple of nice finds below including a valleywag post:

I am fascinated by some of the images that I see all the time in advertisements and how those images appeal to all the advertisers in the same way. There is a lady that I constantly see in telco and wireless ads. I am going to try and hunt her down and post what I find. As you know it is kind of difficult to search for an image using keywords: I can already see the results I am going to get when I type “photograph of woman used in wireless ads”!