TinEye Mobile

TinEye Mobile is now available for download on the iphone App store! We submitted TinEye Mobile to Apple a few days after our beta testing (thanks folks for helping us beta test) and got our application approval late last week. We have been so busy that we almost forgot to tell you all!

If you are not familiar with TinEye Mobile here is a little video. Basically TinEye Mobile allows you to search for music using a mobile phone camera: snap a photo and get information about the music CD or track you are interested in. It is that simple.

In this first release we don’t just get results back from itunes, but we also get you any information about the CD or track you are searching from YouTube, allmusic and wikipedia. So happy music searching. We would of course love your feedback and requests. But before you can do that, you will need to go download the App!