TinEye Mobile

What could possibly have us more excited than the release of our image search engine TinEye 4 months ago? It’s our killer new TinEye Mobile application.

The idea is very simple: Using our TinEye Mobile application installed on your smartphone take a photograph of a product (a CD, DVD, book or game etc.) you would like more information about,  we’ll identify the item using our image recognition algorithms and then send you on to read reviews, sample music or do price comparisons.

Let’s take a real example: our first mobile release is TinEye Music. This is mobile searching for music on your iPhone. Take a photograph of an album cover and we will compare your image to over a million album covers we have indexed and send you to the iTunes page where you can preview or buy the songs from the album. TinEye Music will be released shorty – pending QA and App Store approval – but you get the idea! And all of this is done using our image recognition technology. No typing, no barcodes. Shoot and search.

I made a little video, very rough but that should give you an idea of what we are talking about!