TinEye on the trail of the British National Party

I now know that I am not the only one who is TinEye-ing every single image I come across on the internet. I have become a TinEye addict. I am soon going to need to start a TinEye Anonymous group: Hello my name is Leila and I am addicted to TinEye! I bet I would be in great company. But on to the British National Party. Did you know that:

The UK Telegraph reports that pamphlets distributed by the far right party to 29 million homes ahead of this month’s European and council polls featured testimonies from five “typical Britons” giving their reasons for voting BNP. Turns out the BNP supporters were istockphoto images!

Stephen Paulger broke the story on his blog and the UK Telegraph picked it up and so did The Sun. Fascinating.

Keeping it real with TinEye!