Tux: Boy does he get around!

TuxOur snazzy image search engine is getting a lot of notice these days, thanks to our great community. Did you see us on Digg? Awesomeness!  We love our TinEye fans, thank you everyone!

Do you need a TinEye account?  Get it here. Go, Go! There are 500 ‘instant accounts’ available…499…498…

TinEye finds your images online, matching the “fingerprint” of your image (let’s use our pal Tux over there) to the millions of other images in our index to find where and how your image is being used on the web.

Tux is awfully cute just the way he is, but how has his little image been used around the internet? Just have a look at the Tux widget!

To see all the different ways folks have edited Tux just press play. We used just 155 of the images identified to create the Tux widget, but TinEye actually found over 800 results in mere seconds!

We like to share here at idée, so go ahead and play with it, embed it and share it with your friends. We even made a tiny Tux that you can easily pop onto your site!

And we have a Mona Lisa widget too. You can learn more about these toys on their TinEye page.

Have you found a cool search with lots of variations that you think would make a good widget? Let us know!