Always improving!

We love Robots!

Our awesome developers have been super-busy rolling out the latest TinEye tweaks and updates. Thanks to our community for sharing all your suggestions, we’re listening!

We’ve made quite a few changes here and there, some you might have noticed, some are behind the scenes but all of them are going to help make your TinEye experience even better!

We’ll keep posting updates to let you know what we’ve been up to, check back soon for more!

Here are just a few of the recent changes:

  • Redesigned the main search page to feature a combined image upload and URL searches instead of the original tabs.
  • A little extra help for folks installing the Firefox browser extension – we added more information about what it is and detailed instructions about how to install.
  • We added the TinEye video to the login page – we know a lot of you are Amber Mac fans!
  • You’ll now see the Terms of Service on the login page and included in the registration process.
  • We’ve added an image upload how-to page, just in case you have any problems.
  • Robot with heart.You can now submit a description with your Cool Search submissions to let us know why you think it’s cool.

And what is next for TinEye?

(hint: The first word is ‘bigger’ and the second is ‘index’! Stay tuned, it’s coming soon!)

** Photos – Jennifer