Angry baby meets TinEye

Yes, everyone’s favourite irate infant has made it to the Idée blog.

And what could be more amusing than the original shot of this cranky little fellow? Well let me tell you, that would be the TinEye embeddable “angry baby’ widget, showcasing the many creative edits folks have made to this belligerent baby’s photo. How did we do it? We used TinEye to locate copies of the image from all across the web.

From rockstar face paint to pirate eye patches and green skin, angry baby is certainly a favourite for all of you out there when it comes to digitally altering pics you’ve found online.

Not familiar with TinEye? TinEye is the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology. You give it an image (like angry baby here) and TinEye tells you where and how that image appears all over the web—even if it has been modified.

And modified it has been! Out of the 216 copies TinEye found online, here are 25 of the more interesting edits to this terror of a tot.

And you can share and embed any of the widgets we’ve whipped up based on your cool search recommendations. There’s George Bush, hello kitty, the Beatles and many more. If you haven’t seen them yet just swing on over to the TinEye widget page and grab your favourite to post for your friends.

Interested in trying out TinEye? Head over to to learn more or just sign up now. It’s fast, easy and free!