Bigger index, more cool searches!

A bigger index means more amazing image searches with even more matches in TinEye!

I don’t know what strikes folks to edit a particular image more than others, but there are some fantastically popular ones out there that you all love to photoshop.

We’ve shown you everything from Mona Lisa to Angela Jolie in other posts, so let’s take a look at the guys that you’ve cropped, re-coloured, written over and otherwise edited into almost unrecognizable copies of their original image.

You can click on any image below to view the results more closely.

First in the queue, Gerard Butler from the movie 300. Search count? 526 results searched over 701 million images. If you have a TinEye login, search it.


Keeping with the “men from historical tales” theme, let’s take the Creation of Adam for a spin. A very respectable 635 results! Search it.


And before everything there was just earth (nod to Yogendra on this one). Our planet, in it’s myriad of forms, tops today’s search results with over 1000 matches returned. Search it.


Since we’ve a bit of a history theme here today, let’s wrap it up with “Las Meninas” by Diego Velázquez. This is a very nifty search (I wish I could show you more results). TinEye finds not only edits, crops and colour changes but also skews and even photos where this particular piece of art is on a wall or obscured in the background. With 277 results, “Las Meninas” is obviously a much loved (and edited) image on the web. Search it.


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