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The internet map illustrated by traffic and user activity.

Russian data-visualisation designer Ruslan Enikeev has mapped 350,000 websites and 2 million links from 196 countries according to levels of activity and the other sites visited by their users. Each website is represented by a circle. The size of the circle is determined by website traffic. The color of the circle is determined by countries (for example US is blue, Canada is purple). The gaps...

Image Sleuthing the French way

in English (loosely translated): For example, to find out if the photograph of the homeless person used by Marine Le Pen comes from a stock photo site, use TinEye. Advice that Marine Le Pen – president of the Front National (France) should have been aware of before launching her campaign. Thanks Alexandre Léchenet and Laurent Lucas.

Mon Dieu St Hubert!

The folks at Trip Advisor Guide probably thought that no one would notice the resemblance but the sharp eyes of Jason Kealey and TinEye were no match for photoshop skills.

TinEye to the rescue!

Eden Tyler is one of our latest TinEye fans! She is a writer who has been hunting down a book cover image for her latest book. She shared her story with us: “I found a picture while searching for faeries one night and I saw one that was beyond perfect for the cover for my novel, which is being released this spring. I used Google Goggles and searched everywhere … high and low …...


From Mixed Media Bag:
It’s 2011 and I don’t have a real robot or flying car nor have I been to outer space, but it’s still the little things that technology does to simplify random processes that wows me.
We are humbled!