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2B. 2B. 2B.

I am sure that our TinEye fans already noticed that we crossed our 2 billion image goal. We have been so busy we did not see the numbers flip! We added close to 25 million images to the TinEye index, bringing our index to 2,013,406,246! We will be celebrating in the ideeplex with some awesome table tennis – the team is competitive – and great beers and tacos! But don’t worry, we...

2 billion image index is almost here!

We have added 29.7 million images to the TinEye index bringing us very close to 2 billion images. We are just 16 million shy of the 2 billion image goal! Next stop 5 billion images!
Happy searching!
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TinEye Opera Extension

Opera fans rejoice! The official TinEye Opera extension is here. So go ahead, download it, give us your feedback and keep your reviews coming. Would love to see this TinEye extension get as featured as the FireFox TinEye extension! Opera fans: go download your extension now!

Tiny TinEye update

Hey TinEye fans, we have been extremely busy wrapping up our image alerts release – which you shall be seeing soon – and re architecting so our image index update is tiny this time around: 4.7 million images to bring up our index to 1,958,654,947. Happy searching and enjoy your summer! The snow has melted in Toronto and Zazie, our TinEye HQ dog is looking forward to enjoying her...

TinEye Forums

We just migrated our TinEye forums to Vanilla. We are still working on improving the forum design but you can already check out the new TinEye forums. We have been terrible at answering TinEye questions in our forum and informing our TinEye fans. That’s all going to change with the new forum! So, drop by, give us some feedback, ask us questions and let’s get a conversation started!

TinEye IE addon

We have updated our TinEye Internet Explorer extension. Our TinEye IE extension already gave our IE users snappy single click searching so what improvements did we make? Well, bug fixes that were bothering our TinEye fans! We: Fixed a bug where the extension sometimes failed to work for images from a Google image search in IE8 Added better handling of background images Fixed a bug where our...


And another 12 million images were added to the TinEye index at the end of last week ( and we forgot to tell you!) and today another 12 million images bringing the TinEye image index to 1,918,458,529. Happy searching!
[photograph by Neal]