When a tech giant decides to eat your lunch!

So Google launched its search by image feature. And just like that a tech giant decides to eat our lunch! Exciting times.

TinEye pioneered the world of search by images. Before Google. And we will continue doing exactly that. With focus. And you know what’s even more awesome? Every single day we show up to work, we are working on something that we are insanely passionate and committed to and that’s image search. Every single day. Including weekends. And vacations. Yes we are a tiny team, yes we don’t have the $$ that Google has at its disposition. But pause for a second here and think about the following: we accomplished what many deemed the impossible: large scale reverse image search with a tiny TinEye team. Tiny.

And this is where I am going to paraphrase Mark Suster: Focus wins.

So, don’t be writing TinEye’s obituary yet. And by the way: “if there are no big boys [in your market] – you’re probably in the wrong market”.

So go build something awesome and stop worrying about TinEye.

And to our fans: NOTHING is possible without your support, your emails, your kudos and your love. We heart you. And we will not let you down.

[Photograph: (c) Paul Downey]