TinEye Android

TinEye fans: we released an update to our TinEye Android App.

We first want to thank you all for the great feedback you have been sending our way. Much appreciated since we don’t have access to all the potential handsets to possibly test on. So we have heard that our app works on the following devices if you have one of these, give it a try and let us know:

  • HTC Desire HD 2.2.1
  • HTC Desire 2.2
  • HTC Nexus One 2.2-2.3.4
  • HTC Evo v2.1-update and 2.2
  • LG GT540 CyanogenMod7
  • Milestone CyanogenMod7 2.3.3
  • Motorola Droid 2.3.3

This latest 1.1 version includes a bug fix where the photo taken with a phone camera was uploaded to TinEye in landscape mode instead of portrait mode in some phones.

As always we would love to hear from you! Say hi!

[Photograph by Paul Downey]