Cool Searches from our TinEye fans

We asked, you answered!

We asked you what TinEye search just knocked your socks off? Which one made you laugh out loud? What search made you look around and say “I just have to show someone this, it’s so cool!”?

And you answered us. We’ve had hundreds of submissions to the cool searches page! Thanks to all our fans for sharing and for having as much fun with TinEye as we do.

Now, on to the searches!

Because we love robots and science fiction at the idéeplex we couldn’t pass up Steve’s “Because it’s Star Wars, dude!” search. TinEye found 99 variations on his original search image including a framed wall art version and even a half obscured poster! Great search Steve!

Star Wars Cool Searches - TinEye

Checking in at a rather mind-boggling 272 matches, everyone’s favourite mom-to-be Angelina Jolie. Thanks to several of our fans for this cool celeb search. TinEye found hundreds of matches in our still small (but growing!) index of just about half a billion images including crops, colour changes, blurs, and image overlays.

Angelina Jolie - TinEye Cool Searches

It would just be wrong for us to not include a coffee search, we’re java junkies here at idée! TinEye located over 500 Starbucks images from the original search query, the standard Starbucks logo. Whether the sign, the cup or even the logo with major alterations, colour changes or mostly hidden, TinEye found them all!

Starbucks - TinEye Cool Search

Sometimes there aren’t very many results but they sure are funny. We were pleased to see that our little squirrel cowboy found a little squirrel lady friend, thanks to TinEye!

Squirrel Outfits - TinEye Cool Searches

Some other fun searches included the Linux mascot:

Linux Logo - TinEye Cool Searches

An eyeball:

Eyeball - TinEye Cool Searches

George Bush (as a trekkie and a clown!):

George Bush - TinEye Cool Searches

Super Mario (without his mustache even!):

Super Mario - TinEye Cool Searches

Fox Mulder‘s beloved “I Want To Believe” poster from the X-Files:

X-Files I Want To Believe Poster - TinEye Cool Searches

And a few fun shots from the Matrix movies:

Matrix Images - TinEye Cool Searches

Thanks for all the Cool Search submissions, TinEye fans! Keep’em coming!

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