Extending our Extensions

We have a few TinEye browser extension updates to tell you about. The extensions let you search for images with just a right click, to make TinEye searches as easy as can be!

The biggest news: we have a new Opera extension that works with the new Opera. Good idea, what? Lots of people were asking for this one, and now it’s here.

The smallest news: the Chrome extension no longer demands to see all your data. We really only need to know what page you are on, and to get the images from it, which is about as simple as it gets. Chrome figured that the easy way was just to read everything about you, and many people didn’t like that. They were right to worry of course, but Chrome wasn’t giving us any choice. Well now they have, so our extension no longer asks for anything special, and we can all relax!

Here’s the Big Brother message that used to appear when you were about to install the Chrome extension:


And here is the simple, non-threatening question you get now:


What a relief.

And finally, there’s the Firefox extension update. This was actually a while ago, but we figured you’d like to know about it anyway. With the new 1.1 version you can search for images that used to be out of reach, such as ones with https (s for secure) links, like those on Facebook. You can also search for an image which is being displayed without an actual web page, which you may see when you ask for a larger version of an image on a page.

Unfortunately, those improvements in the Firefox extension are not possible in the other browsers, handy though they would be.

So, if you haven’t got the TinEye extension in your browser, just go to our browser extensions page and click the big friendly button with your browser’s logo in it. We’ll give you our latest and greatest.

Happy searching!