Jim Goldstein interviews Leila Boujnane for EXIF and Beyond podcast

EXIF and BeyondCatch our CEO talking all about the exciting features coming down the pipe for TinEye on EXIF and Beyond with Jim Goldstein. Jim is an independent photographer specializing in landscape, travel, nature and event photography. He also produces the informative and engaging EXIF and Beyond podcast and shares insights on photography and the photo industry on his blog.

TinEye has only been in a private beta for just over a month but it has “captured the attention and imagination of the photographic community” says Jim.

Have a listen to find out about the future direction of TinEye, our “groundbreaking image search engine”.

Download the episode:EXIF and Beyond: Leila Boujnane

For the non-iTune listeners: a streaming version of Jim’s podcast can be accessed here.

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