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You are Awesome!

It’s no secret that we here at TinEye HQ are very fond of les animaux. So what better way to celebrate the Toronto Wildlife Center’s (TWC) 21st anniversary then by throwing a YOU ARE AWESOME party!
It’s Easy. You can do it too.

Our TinEye tshirts are almost here!

Love the Hardboiled Inc folks producing our TinEye tshirts! I still remember when they opened up their shop in Kensington Market in Toronto in 2001!

We have been playing with a few designs and are really excited to see them next week (we hope!).


Our TinEye friend Reg Braithwaite nails it with his tweet this morning which brought roars of laughter to our office: But all hilarity aside: it seems that SixDead Entertainment (based in Montreal!) has simply ripped off our (awesome) TinEye robot. We understand. TinEye is an awesome robot, he is cute, steely, has great vision, works hard and is really powerful at searching for images. We...

Rock on RHoK Toronto

We are super fond of hackathons in the TinEye HQ so when we heard about Random Hacks of Kindness Toronto was gearing up for its bi-annual event in June, we decided to land a hand as a sponsor. TinEye will be hosting RHoK Toronto for the opening night and we are excited to welcome you all in our TinEye HQ.

Photography lovers unite!

At the TinEye HQ we love Photoshelter’s CEO photography rant, we love it so much that we want everyone to read it, share it, print it on a giant poster and display it on Time Square. Seriously. Best photo rant ever! Don’t we all love photography? The answer is no. There is a percentage of photographers who hate photography. They do not appreciate photography. They do not consume photography...

Picture This! by Arte

The Franco-German TV channel Arte has launched a new project called Picture This! This is an awesome series of interviews with photographers. The photographers interviewed answer a series of 10 questions with images rather than words. Very up our alley and superbly creative. Our favourites include: Slava Mogutin and Oliver Görnandt. Go ahead and try answering the 10 questions with your...

Hackathon! TinEye heading to Vancouver for HackVAN

TinEye is heading to Vancouver. We will be co-hosting HackVAN an API HackDAY on Saturday August 20, 2011 in the Vancouver Mozilla office. And we will be bringing our awesome multicolor and visual search APIs.
And you too can join us. Sign up to participate.