Our TinEye friend Reg Braithwaite nails it with his tweet this morning which brought roars of laughter to our office:

RegBraithwaiteBut all hilarity aside: it seems that SixDead Entertainment (based in Montreal!) has simply ripped off our (awesome) TinEye robot. We understand. TinEye is an awesome robot, he is cute, steely, has great vision, works hard and is really powerful at searching for images. We understand how our TinEye robot could also make a fantastic bug squashing robot, but really we would rather our robot stayed away from bugs all together. So SixDead Entertainment: please stop using our TinEye robot before we send out the blood hounds (they won’t be very friendly, as opposed to our TinEye robot).

I know you guys want to be known for “working hard to become well-established makers of mobile games” but I think we need to start with the basics here: not stealing other company’s characters? Do we have a deal?

TinEye and bugs: TinEye does not look happy. This is not the reverse image searching he signed up for!


We also don’t really like what @SixDeadGames has done to our poor TinEye robot above. Where are his arms? Perhaps you would like us to send you some high resolution files?


100 Bugs

100 Bugs

I think we just did. Catch you that is.

100 bugs

No. But we would like you to solve this little challenge instead: Remove our TinEye robot from your game and replace it with another robot – preferably not stolen from anywhere else? Deal?