Doubleplus Chutzpah!



Doubleplus Chutzpah or when a company in your industry helps itself to your images!

Sometimes what we find when we look at where our TinEye graphics appear on the web (we are an image search company after all!) is not really surprising. Like our corporate logo in the profile of an Elance designer we don’t even know! That’s not news as this type of thing happens everyday on the web. And by the way @elance can you please take care of this? I am pretty sure the designer who claims to have designed the logos/brands for TinEye, SquareSpace and Python is perhaps, maybe, lying? Just a little bit? :)

Or when we see our TinEye robot copied (poorly) and used in a video game.

But imagine our surprise when we saw one of our images appear on the website of a visual search company!



Seriously guys? Did you just Google for “visual search” and used the first image you liked? I am DISAPPOINTED.

A bit of background: when we launched TinEye in beta, our great friend Alistair Morton from Wise and Hammer took his creative skills and doodled a TinEye logo as a design experiment. We all know how the TinEye logo was born – but in its early days, he drank some java and visually searched photos.

TinEyeTinEyeJavaBabyTinEyeThis baby TinEye was fun to play with at the time. We have fond memories of all the scribbles and the conversations about the TinEye robot. Should he have an eye or two, legs or wheels? What should he be doing? TinEye today is all grown up but when we come across his young self, well it took us back in time.

So thank you ImageVision, for that little jaunt down memory lane. But hey please be a darling and update your page and stop stealing. Perhaps you could spring for a bit of design work? We could recommend a few good people :). Deal?

And yes, TinEye fans, we know exactly how you feel when you find someone using your image. I am sure we will hear all the classic excuses (our designer did it, we did not know etc etc) but truth be told it was a top search result on Google and kind of pretty :)