Doubleplus Chutzpah!

  Doubleplus Chutzpah or when a company in your industry helps itself to your images! Sometimes what we find when we look at where our TinEye graphics appear on the web (we are an image search company after all!) is not really surprising. Like our corporate logo in the profile of an Elance designer we don’t even know! That’s not news as this type of thing happens everyday on the web...

Our TinEye tshirts are almost here!

Love the Hardboiled Inc folks producing our TinEye tshirts! I still remember when they opened up their shop in Kensington Market in Toronto in 2001!

We have been playing with a few designs and are really excited to see them next week (we hope!).


Our TinEye friend Reg Braithwaite nails it with his tweet this morning which brought roars of laughter to our office: But all hilarity aside: it seems that SixDead Entertainment (based in Montreal!) has simply ripped off our (awesome) TinEye robot. We understand. TinEye is an awesome robot, he is cute, steely, has great vision, works hard and is really powerful at searching for images. We...

Unveiling our TinEye redesign

Hello folks! If you haven’t noticed, things are looking quite different over at TinEye. We have been working on the redesign with the great folks over at silverorange, and we’re sure they’re just as excited about the launch as we are!

Robots Everywhere

Well, we are not the only ones in the world who love robots! Have you seen the Mozilla robot? What a beauty! If like me, you missed the Firefox launch party in Toronto (well, you know some of us have work to do!) then you are going to enjoy John Slater’s post about the FF3 new designs and branding. John is the Creative Director at Mozilla and documents some his design and branding...

I will do

“I will do what I’m told without question ’til I’m old” or the shorter version “I will do” is the title of Maura Cluthe’s robot sketch and I have to say we love it! Her robot sketches are awesome. Have a look for yourself.

(c) Laura Cluthe

Giant Styrobot

I am writing a long post about robots since I am thinking about TinEye’s branding and I came across Michael Salter’s styrofoam robot and I remembered seeing it in the San Jose Museum of Art last month and being completely amazed. I would love to build one. I think I am going to build one except it will be a Wild Styrobot (wild animal robot?). This video chronicles Salter and his team...