You are Awesome!


It’s no secret that we here at TinEye HQ are very fond of les animaux. So what better way to celebrate the Toronto Wildlife Center’s (TWC) 21st anniversary then by throwing a YOU ARE AWESOME party!

It’s Easy. You can do it too.

Step 1.
Support a good cause or organization.  We decided on the TWC  because they just saved 40 bats and they can take x-rays of dinosaur birds.  Check. We’ll, not dinosaur birds but hawks! But we got yOu there didn’t we?


(Incredible x-ray of a red-tailed hawk with an egg inside! She was admitted with wounds after a fight with another hawk, but is expected to make a full recovery. )

Step 2. Invite friends and fellow Awesome animal-loving humans to make, write, send cards.



Step 3. Make make make. since the idea was to make cards, hand write a message and mail, we came up with an ingenious idea: the more you make, the more we donate! For every card written, we donated $5 to the Toronto Wildlife Center.


Step 4. Sugar rush. Cause who doesn’t love candy!


Step 4. Post.


Some cards were headed as far as Taiwan and Australia!

Step 5. Have fun!


Who knew how much fun it could be to send a hand-written card again? Apart from all the love we sent around the world, we were able to make a $1,000 donation to the Toronto Wildlife Center.

And that’s how TinEye does AWESOME!