Just the FAQs please

Who knew a FAQ could be so convincing?

One of the great deviantART folks, posted a review of TinEye today. My favourite part?

At first glance the service by new image search engine TinEye seems to be a great way of seeing if there are multiples of any image on the web. After looking at their FAQ I decided I liked it a lot more.

Nice to hear that our TinEye FAQ rocks! We have tried to answer most questions that come to mind when you are a first time TinEye user and wondering what this search engine is really all about.

Thedevianthelper used evol1214‘s image called .missing you. for the TinEye search example and was rewarded with a hefty 141 results.

The alterations and edits are pretty cool, even with text and images obscuring the original, TinEye found them. Here are just a few…