Locating original images with TinEye

Veggurl posted a query on Yahoo!Answers a few weeks ago asking “Could you please help me find the original image? I found this photo on photobucket. It has been modified. I am desperate to find the original photo. I have tried searching on Google and Yahoo, no luck. Can someone help me? Thank you.”

Here’s the image she posted:

Unfortunately the only response didn’t help her to locate the original kitten photo. Enter TinEye.

With a quick TinEye search I located two results, both of which directed me to the original photographer (Gilad Benari). I even found the title of the image “A_place_under_the_sun“.

I sent veggurl a quick email with the results and she said “I had given up all hope of finding this image. Thank you so much for your help.”

TinEye is an image finding super hero!