Meanwhile, somewhere in the East… a TinEye story

Scott Liddell scored a TinEye beta invitation yesterday and I have to say, he has some lovely finds. Using TinEye, Scott searched for his images in our index of over 700 million images and came up with some surprising results!

Scott shares on his blog:

And someone at HP seems to really like my fruit because it seems to be in quite a few places. So do Channel 4, in the guise of that odious jobbie woman. Star fruit, who knew.

I think I might end up playing with TinEye for hours.

One of the nifty finds was his bird photo photoshopped into an awesome looking cat-bird by the folks at HumanDescent. TinEye wasn’t fooled though.

Nice searches Scott, thanks for sharing your TinEye story.

* Images Scott Liddell