Multicolr Search: now 100% pure Creative Commons

What’s even better than a Multicolr search lab with 3 million interesting images?

One with 10 million Creative Commons images!

That’s right, the Flickr Multicolr search lab just received a facelift and now it works with 10 millions Creative Commons images from Flickr.

Search based on your favourite colour combinations, find fantastic images, discover new photographers and all the images you find will be Creative Commons photographs! How cool is that?

Let’s give it a whirl.

Here I’ve picked just black and white, you can see my search colours on the right side of the images, below the colour picker grid. As we go through some examples you can even try them out by clicking on any of the screenshots.

Let’s add some *pop* to that last image search by adding in a vibrant pink. You can see on the right, I’ve just selected the colour from the palette and added it to my search.  To delete any colour you just click on the tiny trash can shown with the colour selection.

Interested in images with water or sky? By picking just blue tones our search lab will lead you to lovely images of the sea and air interspersed with other great finds.

Love black and whites? Key up a grey-scale set of images with just a few clicks.

And remember, you can adjust your search results by adding more of certain colours and less of others.

Here are two searches for yellow and purple images, the first is heavily weighted to the yellows, the other has much more purple. Take a quick look on the right hand side and you’ll see how it works – the more  I added a specific colour, the more prominently it is represented in the images returned.

Click on any image while you are searching and it will take you right to the Flickr page for that image. It’s that simple.

Still not sure what this is all about?

The Flickr Multicolr search is just one of the Idée Labs. Idée Labs is Idée’s technology playground for visual search and image recognition. You can experiment and play with various implementations of Idée’s visual search technologies.

In addition to the newly updated Flickr Multicolr Search, you can also try out our other labs including the Alamy Multicolour Search, Visual Search and even a BYO Image (that’s bring your own) Search.  Go ahead, give them all a try (they’re free)!