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Using TinEye to find the copyright owner of an image

Here at the TinEye HQ we receive user questions about our reverse image search engine and its search results every day, which is wonderful (we are not complaining!). So we’ve decided to answer our user questions through a series of blog posts. This week’s question comes to us in many many many forms, but it can simply be distilled to: “How do I find the copyright owner of...

Multicolr Search: now 100% pure Creative Commons

What’s even better than a Multicolr search lab with 3 million interesting images?
One with 10 million Creative Commons images!
That’s right, the Flickr Multicolr search lab just received a facelift and now it works with 10 millions Creative Commons images from Flickr.

Where in the world are your photos?

Omar Gallaga’s post “Where in the world wide Web are your photos?” caught my eye today for a few reasons. There’s a great citizen journalist story wrapped up in there, along with some thoughts on Creative Commons, copyright and giving your images away for free. One quote I found particularly interesting was: Share your photos with the world, or hide them behind virtual...