Nameless burger joint found!

Last month I was visiting a friend in New York who took me to this great, albeit hard to find, burger joint hidden away on the ground floor of a swanky Manhattan hotel. It was tiny, lively and tasty and I was trying to remember its name so I could tell another friend about it, but I couldn’t. In fact, I’m not sure it even has a name. I never saw a menu because all they sell is burgers and fries and they only list their menu on the chalkboard. What I do remember was that in the lobby of the hotel, beyond a stretch of black velvet curtain, was a glowing burger icon with an arrow pointing to the door.

Luckily I had taken a photo, and also luckily there is now TinEye! I searched it on TinEye and found a sole Flickr image detailing its whereabout. If you have a TinEye login, click the burger icon to perform the search and find out where great burgers are! If you don’t have a TinEye login: get one!