New TinEye Features are Here

Well, the new features aren’t ‘here’ exactly–you’ll have to go to TinEye for that. But starting today you can read all about the latest features and improvements being released for TinEye right here on the Idée Blog.

Find out straight from the source what’s new, what’s in the works, and maybe even catch a sneak preview or two…

We have a tasty set of releases lined up for the next few weeks, but to whet your palette we’ll start with something simple: Less scrolling.

In today’s release, we are tidying up the search results page by limiting the number of backlinks that are initially visible in your search results. This means that if TinEye finds your image 46 times on the same website (if the image was used as an avatar, for example), we will only show you the first 2 links to that image on the website, and then allow you to jump to a secondary page with the complete list of 46 backlinks.

So your main results page will be cleaner, and you won’t have to scroll as much. This is an image search engine after all and image search results are what we want you to see!