TinEye now accepting image collection submissions

TinEye has just one goal in life: To connect images and information. Whether that means finding the original author of an image, finding out where an image has been used on the web, or finding out more information about an image in general, TinEye wants to help you find the information you’re looking for. And the bigger our database of images, the better!

We have been crawling the web relentlessly over the past several months. In October ’09 we grew by 21.5 million images. In November we grew by 22.5 million images. In December we leaped up another 65 million images.  And in January alone we’ve added 44 million images and the month is not over yet!

In addition to our regular web crawling, we have started adding entire specialized image collections. Last week we announced the addition of the iStockphoto and Photoshelter stock photo collections to TinEye. Why? Because we want to make it easy to attribute any stock image to its original author, and facilitate sales. And we plan to add new and different specialized image collections over the coming weeks and months. Maybe even yours?

So… calling all companies dealing with large image collections on the web! TinEye is officially accepting your image collection submissions. Here are some of the things we are looking for:

  • Stock and editorial photography collections
  • Art and illustration collections
  • Product image indexes and catalogs
  • Archival or historical image collections
  • You tell us!

If you are an image provider or deal with large image collections as a part of your business–and if you want more people connecting with your images–then we want to hear from you! Preference will be given to collections containing over 1 million images, and to companies with an existing image management and delivery procedure.

To add your image collection to TinEye, please contact us. Help us connect your images to you!

(Photo by Kjunstorm)


  • That is a very good idea. However, it is very unclear how this will be useful for the photographers in question. Example: I use Photoshelter, so the images I have there are, I would assumed, catalogued by TinEye. But what good does that do me?

    I have currently 6000 images on Photshelter and will soon double that. I can hardly go through that manually to see on which of those images I get a hit on TinEye…

    There needs to be some more automated way of reporting on images found from collections.

  • Florent: we will be doing that too. At the moment we are focusing on ingesting large image collections. Next will be individual galleries including of course Flickr galleries. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Hi Per-BKWine,

    Thanks for your comment. We certainly want to provide our users with automated TinEye searching in the future. But in order to provide great results for such a service, we need to grow our index. So acquiring the images and image collections to do that is the first step!

    Also there is another side to the TinEye coin that is of use to photographers. It allows others–who are interested in using your image or finding out more about it–to find you. For example if someone finds an image online with great style, subject-matter, colors, etc., they can use TinEye to find out who created the image, or see other images from the same portfolio.

    This is about attribution to the original author and it is an important first step towards creating a registry of professional images.

    So please hold on as there is more to come!