PairNIC Epic Fail

Hello folks, you probably have noticed that TinEye is down and you are most likely wondering why that is? I mean the lovely folks at idee take their servers and service seriously and would not take away such a wonderfully useful image search tool. Or would they? Well here is our sad sad epic fail story with our domain name registration service PairNic (PairNetworks)- yes, you there!

We are doing an incredibly simple thing (or so we thought): changing the tineye host servers, but we run into a major fail with our domain name registration service and it will be a while before they fix things. What’s a while, oh well perhaps an hour, perhaps longer. Who the hell knows, right? I know you can tell I am mad as hell!

For those interested in the technical details: it seems that pairNIC forces you to update your primary and secondary name server entries for a domain before they themselves have added your new DNS entries to their nameservers! And it takes them up to four hours to add your entries! Yeah, makes sense right? They are looking at fixing this at some unspecified time in the future. PairNIC = FAIL. And there you have it, so please go and amuse yourselves with the multicolr image search lab in the meantime. We are sorry!