Reset your TinEye password!

If you have a TinEye user account we recommend that you reset your password today.

This is due to the Cloudflare security issue.

How do I change my password?

  1. Login to your account here.
  2. Change your password on this page.

If you can’t remember your current password, you can request a password reset.

What is Cloudflare and what does it have to do with TinEye?

Cloudflare is a service that we use to help serve up some of our web content. Yesterday evening (Thursday February 23) Cloudflare informed TinEye and thousands of other companies that a bug in Cloudflare’s systems had potentially leaked data from individual users browser sessions into public view.

Anything else I should do?

Yes, if you used your TinEye password, or a similar one, on other sites we would recommend you change your passwords on those sites too. Attackers will often take email addresses and passwords they gain from one site and try them on many others, to take advantage of the fact that many people reuse login details across multiple sites.

What has been done to secure my data?

Cloudflare have fixed the underlying bug. They have also worked with online services like Google that store copies, or caches, of web pages to remove any that might contain leaked information.

Other than TinEye, were other TinEye services impacted?

No. None of our commercial services are impacted by this issue.