Snazzy New TinEye Widgets

With all the requests for new widgets, how could we say no? As we don’t have an easy way for our fans to create their own widgets using TinEye, we decided to do that for them.

Today we are rolling out a shiny new set, six new ones to go along with Mona, Tux and George. We picked the most requested images from all our fans to create our latest “TinEye flow” widgets.

Embeddable at two sizes, our hero from the 300 movie, Hello Kitty and more join the original Mona Lisa in the widget gallery.

Creating them has been an interesting process. A successful widget requires a nifty query image (one that’s popular and often photoshopped), hundreds (if not thousands) of TinEye search results and interesting and creative edits from all over the web.

And these aren’t all. Check out the widget gallery on the TinEye site for more of our new widgets.

Need an invitation to our image search engine beta? You can request one, it’s quick and easy.

Did we miss an image that you think would be a great widget? Let us know.