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TinEye Opera-Mini users, rejoice!

Thanks to all the Opera fans who got in touch after our TinEye site update. You will now be happy to know that we’ve updated the new TinEye site to work for our Opera Mini users!
Don’t forget: You may also use the Opera desktop browser extension to right click on any web image and search for it using TinEye.
Happy searching!

TinEye Opera Extension

Opera fans rejoice! The official TinEye Opera extension is here. So go ahead, download it, give us your feedback and keep your reviews coming. Would love to see this TinEye extension get as featured as the FireFox TinEye extension! Opera fans: go download your extension now!

TinEye IE addon

We have updated our TinEye Internet Explorer extension. Our TinEye IE extension already gave our IE users snappy single click searching so what improvements did we make? Well, bug fixes that were bothering our TinEye fans! We: Fixed a bug where the extension sometimes failed to work for images from a Google image search in IE8 Added better handling of background images Fixed a bug where our...

The TinEye Chrome extension is here!

You asked for it, and we are happy to deliver. The TinEye extension for Chrome is now live, and ready to make your searching a little easier. Instructions for installing the extension can be found on our browser extensions page, or you can just jump right over to the Chrome Extensions site and click ‘Install’. It’s that easy! While you’re there, be sure to check out our...

TinEye and browser extensions

We spend a significant amount of time in the Ideeplex looking over and analyzing data. We work with extremely large data sets (images typically) and it is always interesting to see what rises up to the surface once you dive in.

TinEye Firefox add-on

As most of you know, TinEye is our reverse image search engine. Go ahead try it, it does not bite and does quite a bit of searching too. We released our TinEye Firefox add-on a few months ago and today it has close to 13,000 downloads!

Save precious time: TinEye Mozilla add-on and extensions! <3

Click, BAM. Click, BAM. No, that’s not a grenade–that’s just the peaceful sound of the TinEye browser extension providing you with instant search satisfaction! If you are running Firefox or Internet Explorer and you have not installed the TinEye browser extension, you don’t know what you’re missing. Just right-click on any image from wherever you happen to be on...