TinEye and browser extensions

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We spend a significant amount of time in the Ideeplex looking over and analyzing data. We work with extremely large data sets (images typically) and it is always interesting to see what rises up to the surface once you dive in.

Our image search engine TinEye is used by a lot of people and it is interesting (for us) to see the browsers used to access TinEye. Since we launched a TinEye Firefox add-on, we received a lot of requests to develop extensions for other browsers, particularly Opera, Safari and Chrome. However the bulk of our visitors are Firefox and IE users. Looking at the data our extension development plan is pretty wrapped up! We can now go and focus on other things (such as TinEye APIs!).

Incidentally the TinEye Firefox add-on is getting close to 400,000 downloads! I want to see the 1 million download before the year end…