Save precious time: TinEye Mozilla add-on and extensions! <3

Click, BAM. Click, BAM. No, that’s not a grenade–that’s just the peaceful sound of the TinEye browser extension providing you with instant search satisfaction! If you are running Firefox or Internet Explorer and you have not installed the TinEye browser extension, you don’t know what you’re missing. Just right-click on any image from wherever you happen to be on the intertubes, and TinEye will quickly and quietly search for that image in a background tab or separate window.

Firefox users update: we’ve just released version 0.5 of our extension. It is now out of the sandbox and available directly from Mozilla! If you’ve already tried out the FF version, why not write us a review?

Oh, and for our Opera and Safari friends: Sorry we do not have a special plugin just for you, but we do have a really great bookmarklet that is the next best thing.

Happy Friday!