TinEye finds WWII officer Lt. Col. Anna Walker Wilson

wilsonpic.jpgThe Idéeplex was full of cheers when we heard Patrick Peccatte‘s story about his search for the female officer in one of the many PhotosNormandie photos (a project to discuss and improve images description on WW2 historical photos).

Long a mystery to him and his fellow WWII historians, Patrick used TinEye to see if he could learn more about the officer in the photo.

The result? With just one search, and in just a few seconds, TinEye located the identical photo in Mattie E. Treadwell’s book The Women’s Army Corps, published in 1954! Finally, a name! Lt. Col. Anna Walker Wilson was the very first WAC to arrive in the European Theater of Operations. It is nice to meet you, Lt. Col. Wilson!

We can’t tell you how exciting it is to see the amazing ways our community is using TinEye!

These are fantastic results, even though our index is still small. But it is growing and we believe TinEye is going to change how the world searches for images.

Welcome historians and history buffs to our growing TinEye community!