TinEye gets Popular! Popular Photography magazine, that is!

PopPhoto logo Pop over to PopPhoto.com for the latest coverage on TinEye. Our beta image search engine is featured on the PopPhoto website and that’s just fantastic. I know there will be more TinEye fans soon.

Boujnane and Idée are on to something very smart with TinEye.” the article notes. We’re glad they think so, we keep hearing that from our great community of beta testers too.

What do you use TinEye for? The folks at PopPhoto covered a number of great TinEye uses from historical research to brand tracking to “good old-fashioned curiosity”. We have a lot of that last one at the idéeplex!

PopPhoto states “Idée’s goal with TinEye is quite simple: to be the image search engine.”

Exactly! With over 12,500 users registered in under a month, an index soon to tip past one billion images and many exciting new features in the works, we’re well on our way. Thanks everyone for your incredible support and feedback! Stay tuned as we start featuring some of our TinEye community fans and their TinEye uses.

Has TinEye helped you lately? Let us know!